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The ‘Ajegunle Co-working Hub’ is an initiative aimed at growing a network for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artisans within the Ajegunle vicinity to link up and promote their craft.

Our facility creates access to work equipment for artisans and budding young entrepreneurs to practice, while also providing a conducive work environment and access to training opportunities on business growth

“The ‘Ajegunle Co-working Hub’ is an incubator for artisans, entrepreneurs, and freelancers where they can learn and grow their businesses without the burden of insufficient and high costs of available workspaces

Community Rules

  1. Remember to put your phones and gadgets on silent or vibration so as not to disturb other users.
  2. Please make your best attempt to receive your phone calls outside the hub.
  3. Remember to use your ear piece if you intend to listen to music.
  4. We allow light snacks and fluids only but to be taken at the lounge. Avoid bringing in snacks that can stain the furniture or give off a distracting smell.
  5. Remember to keep your conversations low when having a conversation inside the hub.